Following is a list of materials that we WILL NOT ACCEPT:
(Download the pdf version here)

  • Gas tanks that are not properly perforated; six 1″ holes evenly placed on top and bottom of the tank or left on a car with three slashes 15″ long and 2″ wide on bottom most portion of the tank.
  • Batteries or pieces of batteries will not be accepted.
  • Lead battery cable ends, wheel weights, or lead of any kind on automobiles.
  • Tires will not be accepted.
  • Liquids of any kind will not be accepted.
  • Closed containers of any kind such as tanks, drums, or cylinders will not be accepted.
  • Non metallics of any kind; trash, wood, concrete, dirt, etc.
  • Heavy steel will only be accepted at shear.
  • Capacitors containing PCB’s.
  • Transformers containing oil.
  • Florescent light ballasts containing PCB’s.
  • Oil filters that are loose or in quantities.
  • Refrigeration equipment that has not been evacuated of freon and lines that have been cut for quick, easy inspection.
  • Storage tanks that are not dry and without a square foot hole cut into each end.
  • Computer monitors.
  • Safes.
  • Car seats that are loose and not bolted into a scrap automobile.
  • Campers and trailers containing wood.

Any of the above materials will be cause for rejection of the load from the yard until a remedy is made. Clean up of any materials dumped in the yard will be the sole responsibility of the offending customer.

Children under the age of sixteen are not permitted in the yard at any time, proof of age is required!