Davis Industries Recycling recycles all types of metallic scrap. Even though we recycle a wide array of scrap metal, we are careful not to recycle anything that may be a hazard to people or the environment. The benefits of recycling are only good if it’s for the benefit of our society and environment. The following is a list of some but not all of the materials that we recycle. If you have any doubt if you’re particular item can be recycled or not, please call one of our friendly buyers.

Steel- (ferrous)

Plate steel, I-beams, angle iron, *machinery, **automobiles, car rims, ***refrigerators, washers, dryers, tubing, turnings, valves, pipe, cast iron, siding or sheet, old tools, *lawnmowers.

* Fluids must be recovered before we can purchase.
** Fuel tank must be drained and a hole placed in the bottom of it, battery removed, Freon recovered properly.
*** Freon must be properly recovered before we can purchase the vehicle.

Copper, Brass, Aluminum etc- (nonferrous)

Aluminum, Copper, Brass, *window frames, electric motors, **aluminum auto radiators, **brass auto radiators, air conditioning coils, alternators, starters, batteries, soft lead, aluminum turnings, stainless steel, nickel alloys, titanium, tungsten carbide, painted aluminum, sheet aluminum.

* Glass must be removed before we can purchase.
** Fluids must be recovered before we can purchase the vehicle.


The vehicles salvage services we offer emphasize a dedication to safe and environmentally conscious recycling for vehicles.

Before you bring your vehicle in for recycling, there are a few requirements that need to be completed by the owner of the vehicle first before you bring the vehicle to our location. You must first remove the battery from you car. You must also make a baseball sized hole in your gas tank and have the Freon properly recovered. No Freon is allowed to be discharged anywhere on the property.

When you bring in your vehicle our staff will perform a thorough inspection to ensure each of the above requirements are met. After the inspection, the vehicle will be taken into the steel yard and unloaded. It is checked to insure any Mercury Switches have been properly removed before it can be purchased.